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My passion is to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age and physical ability.

I started practicing Hatha yoga in 2010 and found yoga gave me an immense sense of strength and grace.  This inspired me to qualify as a Hatha yoga instructor, with additional specialist accreditation in chair yoga.

My classes encourage a relaxed sense of fun, balance, serenity and strength, in mind and body.

I run private online classes in Melbourne. I am a 350 hour trained yoga instructor and a full member (Level 1 teacher) of Yoga Australia. My chair yoga certification is recognised by the Mayo Clinic and the NYC Department of Education.

I look forward to meeting you.

Serenity, Strength and Grace


Come along and join a live online class that helps you develop the ability to be at one with your body, movement and breath. The classes are contemporary, relaxing and down to earth. Then start your day with an ease in your movement and a sense of lightness.

Why choose hatha yoga?

If you feel you need to unfurl, lengthen, strengthen, create space in your body and mind, then hatha yoga can definitely help give you that. Hatha yoga is a style of yoga to help achieve balance in physical movement and breath. The postures and breathing techniques opens the chest, lengthens the spine, increases flexibility and calms the mind. You can do it all within your own physical capabilities on the mat or the chair.

How about chair yoga?

The chair yoga I teach can be done completely on the chair, or a combination of on the chair and standing with the support of the chair.  Chair yoga is ideal for those of us who spend many hours at our desks, and anyone with limited mobility. All the Hatha yoga poses are adapted for the chair with levels of flexibility.  There is absolutely no need to get down and up from the ground.

How do the private classes work?

If you would like to have a class online (or with a few of your friends) because you can't find a yoga class that suits you or you prefer to save on travel time, a Private Class is perfect for you. I can design a class to suit your requirements. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the class.

How can I try out to see if it suits me?

The first trial class is complimentary. Please get in touch with me to organise this. I'd be happy to have a chat with you before the class to get to know you better.


For all class types, you will always be able to participate in your own unique way. 

Please note that all classes are now conducted live online. You will be able to see me and I will be able to see you. I will still be on the other side of your screen, guiding you through the class. The classes are not pre-recorded. 


What students say:

"My balance has improved so much I can now put on a pair of slacks without holding onto anything! I often arrive at yoga with a very busy brain. Concentrating on the poses removes all that 'business' and I leave much more relaxed. The sessions are very friendly occasions, we all chat with each other, we laugh together"


"The class has improved my flexibility and balance immensely. When I started I was so stiff in all my joints but going into my third term I can see great improvement from the first. Mei Yin is an excellent instructor"


"I have just completed chemotherapy a few months ago. It is great to be attending the class again. I may feel tired before a class, but after the class, I gain the energy to charge ahead! "



Serenity, Strength and Grace

Anywhere in Australia

Private Online Classes

Classes are specially designed for you and conducted via Skype or Zoom.

$95 per hour (per individual)

I'm currently not taking on any more private clients. If you are interested in being on the waiting list, please do send me an email. I'll be in touch if a time slot becomes available. Thank you.



Contact me to find out more about classes and how it can benefit you.

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'Settle in the here and now.  Reach down the centre, where the world is spinning, and drink this holy peace...'

Donna Faulds

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